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From Helpless and Hopeless to Beloved Community

A Workshop in Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication with Gary Baran and Bryn Hazell

"The ultimate end of violence is to defeat the opponent. The ultimate end of nonviolence is to win the friendship of the opponent." - Martin Luther King

Join us for this weekend workshop on Sat + Sun, Apr 14 + 15, 9a - 3p.

Explore how to bring a compassionate heart to disagreements, contribute to more peaceful and connecting dialogues and identify actions for empowerment.

NVC Certified Trainer Gary Baran and Bryn Hazell of the Center for Compassionate Living will lead this stimulating, interactive and enlightening experience

  • Practice identifying the needs or values behind opinions.
  • Improve your ability to speak your perspective with clarity and strength.
  • Develop an understanding that people's opinions and perspectives are formed by their life experience.
  • Practice listening to others perspectives with a focus on their needs.
  • Practice opening to exploring strategies that address all the needs.
  • Identify ways to put your passions into action.

This is a fundraiser for ORNCC and is offered on a sliding scale from $50 to $150. To register, send your check to ORNCC, 1430 Willamette St., #4, Eugene, OR 97401. Please provide your email address (or phone number) and indicate that the check is for the April workshop.

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