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What is the ORNCC's unique role in our region?

Spreading NVC: ORNCC aims to spread the tools and consciousness of compassion by spreading NVC in this region. We do this by establishing and promoting NVC activities, and NVC communities throughout the region. Our goal is not to support one or a few trainers (although that happens as a result of our work); our goal is to provide as many people as possible with the tools and understanding of NVC... whether or not they can afford the training. As a non-profit, we operate for the benefit of the public.

Networking and Information Web: ORNCC aims to support people in learning, practice and support opportunities by maintaining a network of information and a database of contacts. Integrating NVC into our lives requires the support of a larger community, which our network offers. This network of NVC "activists" provides a field of possibilities for further development of groups, projects, and initiatives towards spreading NVC consciousness. This website is an example; serving as a permanent bulletin board allowing people to tap into this field.

Social Change: In addition to supporting people in developing communication, peace-making and personal growth skills, ORNCC is uniquely driven by a desire to create a vibrant and powerful movement for shifting our cultural, social and institutional structures so they can operate within a life-serving paradigm. This goal is evident in our community projects and our support for creating teamwork and synergy between local NVC trainers, groups, and practitioners.

What can the ORNCC do for me?

What type of support would you like to receive or offer? We are a constantly evolving organization and revel in co-creation. We welcome your suggestions, questions, and requests. Just give one of us a phone call or email - let's connect!


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NVC Foundation Course Zoom
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NVC Integration Course Zoom
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NVC Foundation Course Zoom
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