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Empathy Tent up and running in Eugene

Eugene's Saturday Market opens for the season on Saturday, April 1st and the Empathy Tent will be there again this year!

Volunteers set it up at 10:45a and there are 3 "Listening shifts", 11a - 1p, 1p - 3p and 3p - 5p. Ideally, there are 2 volunteers "Listeners" listening together to the "Listenee" (person getting empathy) in each of the 3 shifts, so there are plenty of opportunities to be involved. If you are new or rusty with your empathy skills, you can be paired with an experienced Listener. If you want to help, but not willing to be a Listener, your assistance is needed to set up (10:45a) and take down the Tent (5p).

You can even stop by for Empathy for yourself or simply to say "Hello."

To volunteer or for more info, email Mark Roberts (our gracious co-ordinator) or call him at 541-689-7798.

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