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Celebrate Marshall and NVC October 6!

Celebrating Marshall Rosenberg in Eugene, Bend, Ashland, Portland, Salem and ????

The Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication is creating and encouraging others to create celebrations of Marshall on the anniversary of his birthday, October 6. Marshall deeply contributed to so many lives that a celebration and a remembering of him seemed like a wonderful way to acknowledge the gifts he shared and that so many of us continue to practice and share with others to create more peace and understanding in our world!

You are welcome to attend one of these events OR create your own and let us know about it.


Eugene will have an event from 10-4 at the Center for Spiritual Living which is on Vernal St off of Coburg Rd. We are planning to invite all the people who attended a recent Kindness event in Eugene as well as those already involved with NVC. In honor of Marshall's Birthday we hope to stimulate interest in working on social justice issues and support/provide empathy for those disturbed by present day events. Potluck lunch.
Contact: Sally Marie


The Center for Compassionate Living is celebrating Marshall’s birthday with singing, dancing and sharing on Saturday, October 6. We’ll meet at the Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas, Bend, from 4 – 6 pm. We’re still in the planning stages so more details to come!
Contact: Bryn Hazell

Planning is underway for events in Portland, Ashland and Salem. More details to come on these as well. Mark your calendar for October 6 though, and feel free to create your own celebration of Marshall and his work, and send information to so we can let others know about it. Thanks!

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