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Looking for more information? Below are external links to educational information, video and other materials of general interest in exploring and learning about Nonviolent Communication. The ORNCC offers them purely for whatever benefit they may have for you, and does not provide any assessment as to their accuracy or value. Also see our list of Other NVC Communities and find links to our Trainer's websites.

Bryn Hazell on KPOV

Audio spotlight, Bryn has a frequent segment on Friday's The Point, a show airing in Bend on KPOV, 88.9, High Desert Community Radio. Her latest short segments are on Sharing Observations, Listening, and Asking for What You Want. Take a listen!

The NVC Academy

The NVC Academy offers extensive web-based opportunities for learning NVC.

PuddleDancer Press

PuddleDancer Press publishes books and a monthly newsletter exclusively about NVC.


The Center for Nonviolent Communication™ is the organization that Marshall Rosenberg created to spread NVC around the world. In addition to information about trainers and trainings, you can find lists of Feelings and Needs and other educational material.

Connection Gems

A weekly NVC newsletter with practical effective information by LaShelle Lowe-Charde.

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