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Free NVC Cards Available

I recently felt compelled to print a couple of thousand business-size cards featuring a quote from Marshall Rosenberg. I am offering quantities of them to anyone who is interested. I live in Eugene and would be pleased to provide them to anyone inside or outside the area. If they need to be mailed, I simply ask for postage reimbursement.

Julie Roach 541-600-0889

Front Side:

While I have made a request of you, I ask ONLY that you do as I requested if you are doing it out of a desire to give joyfully from the heart.

Please DO NOT do as I request if it is out of any sense of duty, obligation, guilt, shame, fear of punishment, or to receive anything in return.

Back Side:

Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD.

Nonviolent Communication is about connecting with ourselves and others from the heart. It's about seeing the humanity in all of us. It's about recognizing our commonalities and differences and finding ways to make life wonderful for all of us. For more information go to

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