Jared Finkelstein

CNVC Certified Trainer
6 years 8 months
The work I do as a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication stems from my belief that in a connected world it is all about the quality of our connection. I'm passionate about this because of my experience of growing up attending a small, K-12 private school where both my parents were educators and that placed a great emphasis on child-centered learning and community values. My childhood, family, community and school were all mixed up into one life-enriching journey. Marshall Rosenberg's vision of Life-Serving Systems – organizations and communities that weave the practice of Nonviolent Communication into the very fabric of their institutions for the purpose of creating peace and sustainability is a huge inspiration of mine. As a team member of the NVC Educators Institute's flagship training 'Teach for Life!' and as an active contributor to NVC Family Camps - all age, 24/7 immersions into compassionate community and collaborative learning - I put my passion into manifesting these sort of communities.


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