Request for Financial Support for the Center for Nonviolent Communication

Dear Friends of NVC,

From its inception the Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication (ORNCC) has strived to work in tandem with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), the international organization Marshall Rosenberg founded in 1984. Having both an international as well as local organizations such as ORNCC has helped draw people to the process we have found so valuable. For many years CNVC has been largely dependent for financial viability on income from International Intensive Trainings (IITs), along with contributions by CNVC Certified Trainers and others in the worldwide network. Because of the global covid-19 pandemic, IITs have been cancelled for 2020 and CNVC is facing a serious financial crisis. In her letter below, current CNVC Board President Katherine Singer provides some details about the current situation and requests financial support. Some of you may also be willing and able to contribute at this time. Please consider doing so.

With a recognition of our interdependence and with care for the needs of all,

Gary Baran


Dear Trainers and Friends of NVC,

COVID-19 is showing us that NVC is needed more than ever in our world.

This letter is to ask your financial support for CNVC. Because IITs have been postponed an important source of revenue for CNVC is temporarily unavailable. With the arrival of Maria Arpa as ED of CNVC, a powerful impetus has been given to a process of meaningful changes for CNVC.

CNVC and ED and Staff are ready to bring on the innovation in office and administrative procedures to serve the trainers and the global network.

To make this possible, we strive to keep the office open and implement the changes. And we also understand that most of us need support ourselves at this time.

A very short summary of CNVC financial position:

Without IITs, 80% of CNVC’s revenue is currently unavailable.

In late April, CNVC had approximately $ 250,000 in the bank. Recurring costs are approximately $ 25,000 per month, including payroll, healthcare, insurance, website maintenance, bank charges, accountancy, etc. Excluding additional investment in professional consultancy, development, training, or special projects.

The staff of the CNVC office will receive the full salary until the end of July (including 2 months of the Government Pay Protection Plan. Then, without further funding, we need to cut staff hours to preserve funds for future purposes. We may need to freeze the office at the end of September - that means either layoffs or furlough, yet retaining only very minimal critical functions until IITs can resume.

However, if we can raise enough fund and we can keep all of the staff, our ED and the staff are planning to set up more efficient systems that we believe will bring about revitalization of CNVC and take the essential leap for new level of services to our community, and by doing so making the best of this down time that COVID-19 brought to us.

To do that, we would need to raise $ 100,000. This gives CNVC the opportunity to:

  1. be prepared to reopen IITs in 2021 - to pay deposits at locations and other advance costs,
  2. develop efficient systems for CNVC,
  3. improve transparency and community engagement and facilitate heart and brainstorming sessions, and
  4. last but not least, to take care of our employees who have served CNVC for years, with its ups and downs.

Your generosity will have an immediate impact on the staff and all the people they will serve.

The Board members raised $2,500 between two of them.

Link for Trainer Annual Renewal fee

Link for general donations

With deep gratitude for the contribution you are making in your own unique way sharing Marshall’s vision,

Katherine Singer
On Behalf of the CNVC Board


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