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I am feeling deep gratitude and inspiration as I write this.

The other day, I received a warm and thought-provoking note from Mary Mackenzie about the NVC Academy's annual Telethon. While reading her note, it suddenly came to me that she and Mark Schultz and myself and many others have been living and breathing and being present to this work with Nonviolent Communication for many, many years now.

It struck me deeply that the paths of ALL our lives have been profoundly influenced by Marshall Rosenberg.

Perhaps the same is true for you — perhaps you too would have traveled another path had Marshall's wit and teachings not altered your life irrevocably?

Take a moment with me, if you would, and simply breathe in the impact this profoundly compassionate way of honoring and interacting with all beings has had on your life... on the lives of your family... your friends... and your community...

I find such tender sweetness, light, and growth... yes, and challenges too.

It's true there is much out there in the world that calls our eyes and hearts to hold tightly to fear. Yet, here we are, each of us holding gently — yet powerfully — to this deeply compassionate way of being that now links our hearts. Nonviolent Communication has rooted, taken hold, and blossomed in so very many countries far from my home, and from yours.

And yet... there are vast numbers of human beings who have no idea that this gentle and harmonious way of living even exists.

I find myself wondering with great curiosity: how do we carry this work forward in a way that is exponentially growthful while retaining our tender human connections? How do we widen this pathway of sharing Nonviolent Communication with the hearts and minds of a potentially infinite number of yearning others — especially those who are unlike ourselves, or whose lives you or I may be unable to even imagine?

I believe the rich resources in Mark Schultz and Mary Mackenzie's NVC Multimedia Library is one answer.

I hadn't realized until recently that it's the largest collection of NVC and NVC-related materials in the world.

Much of my own work with Living Compassion and Nonviolent Communication is contained in its archives, as well as volumes of diverse materials from many other well-known and well-loved trainers who live all over our world.

What might evolve if each of us chose to journey together in support of its expansion?

  • We might find ourselves and our local NVC communities growing more deeply grounded and rooted in our individual NVC practices...
  • NVC trainers would enjoy an increase in income, as trainers receive a stipend when their recordings and other materials are accessed...
  • The practice of Nonviolent Communication may become increasingly mainstream... and
  • Those intrigued by the idea of living nonviolently would be able to readily discover and learn about Marshall Rosenberg and the practice of NVC.

Holding this vision in my mind's eye, I feel it fill my soul with both joy and yearning.

I invite you to join me.

Let's support the NVC Multimedia Library by registering for the NVC Academy's 4th Annual NVC Telethon Fundraiser.


Robert Gonzales, PhD
CNVC Certified Trainer
Center for Living Compassion


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