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Practicing Compassion for Yourself and Others - 12 Week Guided Practice Group


This is a 12-week practice group designed to help each person increase their capacity for self-empathy, speaking authentically, and responding compassionately to others. It includes a combination of weekly group meetings and homework assignments done individually and in pairs. To guide the process, we will use Catherine Cadden's and Jesse Wien's The Ongo Book: Everyday Nonviolence, which contains "daily practices in Mindfulness, Nonviolent Communication, and more." Both Catherine and Jesse are certified trainers with the Center for Nonviolent Communiction (CNVC).

There will be an information session on January 7th.

The 12-week curriculum will begin on January 14th.

Repeats every week, on Monday until Mon, Apr 01, 2019.
Mon, Jan 7, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
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Josh Mann's picture

Josh offers classes in Nonviolent Communication through the City of Eugene Recreation Services, where he also works as a challenge course facilitator / outdoor program instructor. In the last year, he has also been organizing and participating in mindfulness and NVC practice groups using The Ongo Book: Everyday Nonviolence by CNVC Trainers Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens.

Josh first read Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life in 2005 and attended an International Intensive Training in New Mexico with Marshall Rosenberg and CNVC Trainers Rodger Sorrows and John Kinyon in 2008. He has also participated in classes and workshops taught by CNVC Trainers LaShelle Lowe-Charde and Robert Gonzales.

$75 - $125
West Eugene (Chambers St)

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