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Empathy Cafe

Lisa-Marie DiVincent

Empathy Cafe is a safe, structured, cozy environment to explore listening and being listened to. Practice dealing with difficult situations. Express yourself to get more of what you and others need. Expand your tools for making empathy and self-empathy easier and more natural-feeling.

Brand new through experienced will be warmly welcomed and nurtured.

We're looking for folks who want to commit to attend every week for at least a few months -- to support continuity, familiarity, community building. Call to tell me about yourself and your experience, to hear more about our class atmosphere, and decide whether you want to come visit once or twice to see if this group is for you!

Monday 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Requested Fee: 
$20-25 per evening or part cash/part work exchange.
Cozy home in the South Eugene Area
Nothing except for the intention to support the needs of your fellow members, your own needs, and those of the group-as-a-whole. All are welcome after a phone visit with Lisa-Marie to co-assess mutual compatibility.
Required Materials: 
Your current empathic and self-empathic presence, just as you are!
Group Maximum: 
20 Members

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