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Practice Group Intro

Practice Groups provide opportunity for learning, growth and connection within a supportive group. You may find increased comfort and ease with applying and integrating NVC awareness in your everyday life with consistent practice and support. We hope so.

Practice groups are self-forming and found in many local communities. Leadership may be shared by participants or offered by a single facilitator. There may be an associated fee or donation. They may meet in public places, private homes or community centers. They may be organized around a particular method of practice such as using a particular text or workbook; a skill level; or a particular interest (role play, social change, peaceful communities, parenting, mediation, gender, couples, empathy practice).

Group format and structure vary widely depending on the needs and experience of participants. We encourage you to find a group that meets your needs or start your own group.

Creating an account (from the top right corner link) will enable you to add your Practice Group here.

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