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Guidelines for ORNCC Sponsored Activities / Events

Purpose of Guidelines:

To help ORNCC easily oversee the responsible handling of events that produce value for participants, enhance the reputation of ORNCC and contribute to its mission to spread NVC in our region. After the board agrees to sponsor an event, one of its members will assume the role of board liaison. The board liaison will be authorized to speak on behalf of the board. The board liaison will regularly connect with the event coordinator for updates on the event to keep the board informed.

Information that will be helpful to the board includes:

  • A description of the activity and estimated number of participants.
  • Draft of publicity with the understanding that the ORNCC Board liaison will approve ORNCC's name/logo and how it will appear on publicity materials.
  • Clarity about funds being requested of ORNCC and budget for event.
  • A contingency plan if event needs to be cancelled or rescheduled.

The board requests clear written agreement with the project coordinator regarding:

  • Money: how will checks be made payable? How will funds get to ORNCC and/or vendors? If there will be fundraising at the event, how will this be done?
  • Legal issues: liability insurance, etc.
  • Participants are asked to join the ORNCC mailing list and have an opportunity to donate to ORNCC.
  • Event participants are asked to provide feedback on their experience and a summary of this feedback will be shared with the board following the event.

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