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Upgeya Pew

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I've been practicing and using Compassionate Communication for about 15 years, both in my personal and professional life. Since 2002, I've been doing workshops and facilitating groups in a variety of settings, working with individuals, faith groups, activists, intentional communities, non-profits, and schools. I work with groups with creativity, empathy, and humor, often incorporating Socratic dialog, role play, and other creative activities to deepen the workshop experience.

For my own education, I've done several "International Intensives" with the founder of NVC (Marshall Rosenberg) and the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and other advanced workshops. I'm passionate about bringing this form of communication and relating to people, as I see it contributing to and building a more peaceful, just, sustainable world. Social permaculture is also a passion of mine, and I find NVC integrates wonderfully with aspects of that. I did my Permaculture Design Certificate Course with Geoff Lawton in 2014.

To see a community TV interview of me, about NVC, go here:


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