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Lisa-Marie DiVincent

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Facilitator, Mediator, Coach, Counselor

With fifteen-plus fun filled years of experience with NVC, I've been a Eugene-Springfield area therapist, mediator and group facilitator since the mid-80s, also offering phone and Skype sessions internationally. I first read the book in 2000, took various trainings including graduating from the year-long 2003 BayNVC Leadership Program. I was a co-founding member of ORNCC and co-planner of the U of O 2008 Nonviolence as a Way of Life Conference, featuring Marshall Rosenberg in his last appearance in Oregon before he retired. I've taught NVC in schools, churches, businesses and have facilitated the weekly class/practice group called Empathy Cafe since 2009. Please contact me for a complimentary get-acquainted phone visit!


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