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Thriving in the Woods, Living from What's ALIVE! ... with Vika and Fred

Carson, Washington

Camping in the embrace of old growth forest along the Pacific Crest trail. A lush, easy-to-moderate hike to a spectacular waterfall (at your option).

Deeply real, compassionate, present, resonant "tribe-mates."

Three full days of letting go of obligations, "shoulds", and scripts.

Immersing yourself in healthy boundaries and what it's like to live from what's most alive.

Time to pause, to sink into the felt sense of Life moving into and through you.

Space to share, to listen deeply, and to be profoundly heard. A time of discovery and renewal.

Join us this July 25-28 for Thriving in the Woods / Living From What's Alive 2019, our 4th Annual Camping Retreat at Panther Creek Campground (Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington State).

Terrific discounts are available through May 15, especially when you register with friends! (Register early, space is limited.)

We'd love to have you come play with us...

Vika Miller, MA and Fred Sly, PhD
Thriving Life & Community

Thu, Jul 25, 2019 - 6:30pm
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Vika Miller's picture

I first encountered Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) around the year 2000.

Learning that feelings were pointing to needs met/unmet was like a lightning bolt for me; it was the missing piece that finally made everything make sense. Seeing myself, Life, and others through the lens of NVC, I was finally able to develop a compassionate, friendly relationship with my shame, and come to feel at home with my own humanity.

In recent years I've been thrilled again by the latest findings from Interpersonal Neurobiology and Attachment Theory. When these are integrated with NVC, we finally understand:

* why we can't "do NVC" when we're upset
* what "stress" really is, and why it's so dangerous for our health and relationships
* why compassionate, authentic, resonant community is essential for our well-being
* what really, truly dissolves our automatic reactions and restores authentic choice
* reliable pathways to enjoying more calm, peace, and genuinely happiness

Thriving Life principles, distinctions, tools, and practices create the sense of belonging, being fully and authentically gotten and welcomed (from what is most magnificent to us, to our warts and farts and ugly parts, and everything in between), attunement, security-beyond-circumstances, and *thriving* that I believe is our birthright.

I hope you'll come share the journey and the joy of real belonging with our Thriving Life NVC community.

Blessings on us all,

Vika Miller

Fred Sly's picture
CNVC Certified Trainer

Fred has been learning and teaching NVC since 1999. Along the way he earned a PhD in Psychology addressing the reactive basis of violence and how empathy promotes peace and accountability. Additionally, Fred was instrumental in creating and directing the Oregon Prison Project (OPP) that currently offers classes in four Oregon adult facilities, one post-release program, and one youth authority facility as well. Fred also started and grew Rose City NVC, a Portland area teaching organization currently offering NVC classes to individuals, organizations, couples, families, and businesses in Oregon. Fred is currently retired from both OPP and Rose City NVC in order to work with those struggling with the symptoms of psychological trauma, veterans with PTSD, prisons systems that want to establish and grow NVC programs, and those wanting to create cooperative community. Along with Liv Monroe, Fred offers an annual NVC retreat at Breitenbush in early June.

Early Bird sliding scale $175 - $275 total, depending on your camping preferences.
Panther Creek Campground

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