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Thriving Fundamentals: Solve the Mystery of Your "People Problems"

Concord, CA

"Vika ... is a master communicator [with] a masterful understanding.... Both my marriage and my business have benefitted a great deal.... And the "Solve the Mystery" workshop knocked my socks off." -- Tom Esch, President, Esch Consulting, LLC, Minneapolis, MN

"I cannot recommend this enough. It's fascinating, full of learning, absolutely life-changing." -- Tiffany B.C., Portland, OR

"I got more out of this session than I have gotten from any other ... group.” -- O.H., Portland, OR

Are you having "people problems"?

Are your "people problems" costing you or your business time, money, happiness, or health?

What if you understood what's going on when things "go wrong" ...

and what you can do about it that actually works?

This acclaimed workshop distills key findings from Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Theory, Somatics, NVC/Compassionate Communication, and Thriving Life principles into down-to-earth, powerful stories, experiential learning, and easy-to-understand tools you can take with you and immediately begin to use to resolve your "people problems" at home, in your community, and at work.

Bring the "people problems" you're facing in your life and discover:

  • How You Can Finally Feel At Home ... Being Human, and Being Around Other Humans
  • How to Keep Relationship Difficulties from Draining Your Time, Money, Happiness, or Health
  • Why We So Often Don't Agree with Others about "What Happened," and what you can do to resolve that
  • What Creates "Crazy" Behavior in us and others (because we ALL do it), why compassion is such an essential response, and how to minimize how often it happens and the damage it can cause
  • The 6 Different Brain States that we humans have, and what you can reasonably expect from yourself or others, when in each one of them (one of the most powerful tools you will ever use; perfect to take home to your kids, too!)
  • Why People Break Agreements without even seeming to care about the impact on us, and how you can prevent this
  • The #1 Sure-Fire Way To Make Things Worse (there's about a 99% chance that you're doing this)
  • How to Restore a Sense of Safety, Calm, and Choice when things aren't going so well, right in the moment
  • Why Being Compassionate or Empathetic Doesn't Always Help -- and can even make things worse -- and how to know when NOT to offer these
  • Why Pointing Out "The Facts" Doesn't Always Help -- and can even make things worse -- and how to know when NOT to do this
  • The 3 Key Skills Required to Navigate Positive Connection with anyone
  • A 4-Step Guide to Effective Communication and Thriving Relationships that consistency creates genuine understanding, respect, peace, and thriving ... and often makes our dearest connecting dreams come true (NOTE: Although elements of NVC are part of all that I offer, these are not the same as the 4 basic steps of NVC)

Come join us for this illuminating, relief-bringing, empowering exploration.

In 4 hours, how you see and understand yourself and others will change forever ... in ways that create remarkable new possibilities for SAFETY and THRIVING: responsive connection; genuine cooperation and satisfaction; getting things done (with quality); stable peace; and real, bone-deep happiness at home, at work, and in our neighborhoods, nation, and world. Even if you're already very experienced with Nonviolent Communication.

WHO THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR: Anyone having "people problems," including:

  • Couples
  • Parents
  • Singles getting back into dating
  • Neighbors
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • NVC Practitioners and Trainers (even CNVC Certified Trainers say this the most practical, easy-to-understand approach to NVC they've ever seen)
  • Therapists, Counselors, and Social Workers
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Corporate Managers, especially HR and Customer Service
  • Politicians
  • Activists
  • Anyone working with individuals or groups
  • Anyone who wants to better understand themselves or other people

"I felt connected to others in the same struggle, relief with the explanation of what's happening, and tools to find ways out of the red zone." --R, Portland, OR

"[Vika's] understanding and practice of NVC (including her integration of brain science, NVC, and her Thriving Life principles) is so impressive, I've integrated key elements of her approach into my own work." -- Fred Sly, PhD, CNVC Certified Trainer, Portland OR

FOR COMPLETE DETAILS and to register, visit

Fri, Aug 10, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Sat, Aug 11, 2018 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
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Training by: 
Vika Miller's picture

(CNVC Certification Candidate)

I first encountered Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) around the year 2000.

Learning that feelings were pointing to needs met/unmet was like a lightning bolt for me; it was the missing piece that finally made everything make sense. Seeing myself, Life, and others through the lens of NVC, I was finally able to develop a compassionate, friendly relationship with my shame, and come to feel at home with my own humanity.

In recent years I've been thrilled again by the latest findings from Interpersonal Neurobiology and Attachment Theory. When these are integrated with NVC, we finally understand:

* why we can't "do NVC" when we're upset
* what "stress" really is, and why it's so dangerous for our health and relationships
* why compassionate, authentic, resonant community is essential for our well-being
* what really, truly dissolves our automatic reactions and restores authentic choice
* reliable pathways to enjoying more calm, peace, and genuinely happiness

Thriving Life principles, distinctions, tools, and practices create the sense of belonging, being fully and authentically gotten and welcomed (from what is most magnificent to us, to our warts and farts and ugly parts, and everything in between), attunement, security-beyond-circumstances, and *thriving* that I believe is our birthright.

I hope you'll come share the journey and the joy of real belonging with our Thriving Life NVC community.

Blessings on us all,

Vika Miller

(Near Hwy 680 and Treat Boulevard;  BART: Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa)
*location details provided with your registration, we want to make sure there's room for everyone!)

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