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NVC Integration Series


Are you struggling to use the NVC skills that you’ve learned? Are you hoping for support in developing an easy and natural relationship with NVC? Our NVC Integrations class is designed for you!

NVC offers an extraordinary doorway into deeper, more authentic, and much more satisfying connection with yourself and others. And yet, we know how challenging it can be to bring NVC tools and consciousness more fully into the fabric of your life and your relationships.

If you're ready to weave more clarity, ease, authenticity, and attuned community into your NVC practice and into your life... and especially if you'd like more understanding as well as more effective strategies to move through any resistance you may be experiencing (in yourself or others)... you will love what you walk away with, in our NVC Integration Class.

Sandra Amiry, CNVC Certified Trainer, will facilitate this class.

Repeats every week, on Thursday 8 times.
Thu, Jan 19, 2017 - 6:25pm
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Fred Sly's picture
CNVC Certified Trainer

Fred Sly PhD has a fifteen-year relationship with Nonviolent Communication (NVC); he became a certified NVC trainer in 2005. Currently, Fred provides NVC trainings to a broad diversity of individuals, couples, families, schools, and organizations. Fred provides coaching and mediation services, as well as NVC trainings throughout the greater Portland/Vancouver area through his teaching organization, Rose City NVC.

Fred has been offering NVC in prisons and jails since 2002. He founded the nonprofit Oregon Prison Project in 2009, currently offering NVC trainings in four Oregon Prisons, two Youth Authority facilities, and two post-release programs. Fred’s PhD research in psychology focused on the power of empathy in reducing violence and trauma in our lives, and is the basis of the curriculum used in Oregon prisons.

$195-$295 Sliding Scale
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