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NVC Immersion & Trainer Development Program

Zoom Video conferencing

  An In-Depth Learning Experience

  • Do you share in the passion for NVC?
  • Would you like to deepen your NVC consciousness and skills?
  • Are you looking for personal transformation?
  • Are you facilitating NVC groups or classes?
  • Would you like to share NVC by facilitating groups or classes?
  • Would you like to develop or expand skills as a facilitator?

Announcing the tenth year of the NVC Trainer Development Program. This is Colorado’s only extended length program designed to support deep immersion and new trainers. 

Nine months duration – October 16, 20201 – June 5, 2022

Includes: Nine two-day weekend trainings, 9 two-hour vidoe-classes, 9 private coaching sessions and ongoing buddy support. Assisting one online training series is also included. If all components of this program are completed it will be 24 days of training.

Intention – to support individuals in deeply integrating NVC personally. Facilitate trainer development on multiple levels as some participants move toward effectively sharing NVC and/or becoming a certified trainer. If you are not interested in becoming a facilitator or trainer, this program will serve you in deeply integrating the consciousness and skills through the immersion experience and individualized attention to your goals.

Purposes –

Provide a supportive and nourishing learning environment.

Provide information, resources and learning experiences to support trainer development

Support the development and expansion of the quality of deep presence and personal capacity for meeting life’s challenges with courage and peace.

Give feedback and coaching in group and one on one settings

Explore, process, and practice topics, skills, and consciousness relevant to NVC integration and facilitation

Develop and support NVC consciousness and skills within each participant.

Intended Outcomes

  • Clarity and integration of Key distinctions
  • Increased embodiment of NVC consciousness & skills
  • Fluency and greater ease in naturally using NVC
  • Supported experience in presenting NVC with feedback and coaching
  • Increased capacity for presence and self-awareness when reactivity arises
  • Skill in facilitating an active group
  • Development of your learning materials and exercises
  • If you want to facilitate, you will have support in creating a plan for sharing NVC that is congruent with your skill level and both challenges you and supports your success
  • You will have experienced personal process and healing using NVC
  • You will have experience in facilitating individual process with co-participants
  • Confidence in leading practice groups and presenting basic NVC classes if desired


  • Full participation in weekend trainings, conference calls and individual coaching sessions to the best of your ability. This serves you in your learning, and the group and me in having continuity and ease in the learning and group experiences.
  • Homework completion between sessions supports your practice and integration
  • Regular weekly meetings with a buddy for consistent mutual support, practice, and empathy via phone, video call, or in person
  • Assisting a Level I or II training offered by Communication Works during the 9 month period, if you so choose.
  • Tuition investment is $5,300/$5,425 if credit card is used

Required Pre-Requisite – 

  • Level I and Level II Compassionate Communication Foundations Trainings, or accepted equivalent. Check with Kathy if you have other previous training.

Helpful Experience (Individual interviews will determine a good match.)

  • Participation in NVC training and practice group
  • Participation in one NVC retreat experience of 4-7 days or an IIT (International Intensive Training from the Center for Nonviolent Communication)
  • Intention to share/teach NVC (optional)

Intended Schedule: See webpage for Details

If your interest is piqued, please contact me to receive more details and set an interview appointment to explore whether this is the program for you.  970-216-8597. 

Warmest Regards,                                                                                


Kathy Ziola, MA, Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer. My journey has included thirty-five years of deep exploration of relationship, self-awareness, healing arts, spirituality and communication. NVC trainer training includes Bay Area NVC’s Leadership Program in 2006, the Training of Trainer Program in 2009, Making Collaboration Real Trainings in 2010 and 2011, study with Marshall Rosenberg in 2009, and extensive work with the NVC Training Institute (Robert Gonzales, Susan Skye, Wes Taylor, Towe Widstrand) for three years. I have organized and facilitated NVC training for fifteen years. I created this program in 2011 and this coming year will be its ninth year. I have organized and facilitated workshops and retreats in a variety of settings over the past 25 years. These have included the areas of stress management, peer counseling training, breath work, loving relationships, women’s retreats, yoga, Reiki, and couples’ work. I currently provide training, coaching and psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families, organizations and businesses. It is my passion to support others in having extraordinary relationships based on presence, honesty and compassion.

Education: CNVC Certified Trainer since 2009. MA Agency Counseling with Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, University of Northern Colorado. BS Human Development and Family Studies, Colorado State University.

Participant Comments:

“Kathy’s 9 month course is truly a gift. It has changed my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Daily I use the skills she taught us from difficult business conversation, to friends and family, to relationships. Kathy herself is extraordinary and authentic in her desire to give to you all her knowledge to help you be the best you, you can be. She is caring and kind and creates a safe space to explore the breakthroughs (and there will be breakthroughs). Before her course I found myself avoiding life in many ways and feeling hurt and disappointment, after her course I feel I not only have the tools, but I embody them. The course is truly transformational.” Lauren 2018

“Things i have learned in the program I am excited about:

how to give empathy

how to develop a teaching program

how to work through fears and blockages

how to heal old relationship wounds with people who aren’t there

how to be transparent and hold integrity as a teacher

how to accept myself more deeply

how NVC consciousness feels

how to be the teacher and be friends with students in a way that feels right

how to empower people of all levels of experience in the subject i’m teaching, and how to accept beginners

how to structure an NVC class

how to facilitate NVC

a deeper understanding of Presence

What has contributed most to my learning is: acceptance, fun, clarity, continuity of the monthly weekends, Kathy’s experience teaching and coaching, working through deeper aspects of NVC such as healing old wounds and the living energy of needs and the presence work.” Rev Nadia Mirren

“My learning was well supported by the safety and atmosphere of trust that Kathy created.  In that closely held container of trust and loving support, I became able to relax, acknowledge my fears of exposure, become vulnerable and be able to share in an environment that allowed me to be myself as totally and completely as possible.”   Participant 2014 C. V.

“I feel much happier about my spiritual life and my ministry because of this work, and it helped me to clarify how I wanted to minister and be with people.”

“What I enjoyed most was…

The bonding and the connection that the group went through — the laughter, the tears, the intimacy. I think we really went through something beautiful and truly got to be ourselves. I think that’s what the most enjoyable part was — that this was a place where we could be completely ourselves.”

“I also appreciated the specificity of the processes we went through. In other words, I really felt awed and impressed that the processes were so clear and could elicit so much depth and power. This met a great need in me for clarity that assisted my growth and learning. I will always think about how to bring clarity into my teaching processes.”   Rev. Timothy Mirren

"What I enjoyed most was: The way in which you held the program and our participation in it - what I mean by that is that I experienced a lot of learning and knowledge input happening on different levels and at the same time it also felt very spacious, easy and fun with a lot of possibility for me/us to bring in what we wanted to do. I think that’s not easy to do as a facilitator and I very much appreciate it in the aspect of recieving it as a participant and also as modeling for my own facilitation." Tom C. 2021 Graduate

Sat, Oct 16, 2021 - 9:00am
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Training by: 
Kathy Ziola's picture
CNVC Certified Trainer

Kathy's journey has included thirty-seven years of deep exploration of relationship, self-awareness, healing arts, spirituality and communication. She has been facilitating NVC learning since 2005 with great passion. She created the NVC Immersion & Trainer Development Program in 2012 and loves the deep, transformational work of this 9 month program. Kathy shares NVC in public trainings as well as organizations, schools and businesses. Private coaching is a great joy in supporting individuals in the unique integration and application of living NVC. It is her joy to dive deeply into supporting others in accessing deep presence and connection with self and others.

When not teaching or coaching, you may find Kathy biking or hiking, camping, doing improv, meditating, sharing Reiki, or having fun with friends.

Tuition investment is $5,300/$5,425 if credit card is used
Denver, CO

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