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NVC Foundations Course


Our Foundations class is designed to not only provide you with clarity and understanding of the Basic Skills of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), but to also immerse you in experiences and practice designed to make your new skills immediately usable.

During this 8-week Foundations class you’ll learn:

  • The basic skills of NVC
  • How to identify the stories you’re telling yourself that are contributing to your pain, and how to create new stories that will support your capacity to thrive in relationship
  • A powerful personal vocabulary that will increase the chances you’ll be heard in the way you hope and intend.
  • How to hear others with compassion even when it’s hardest to do
  • Skills that will increase your trust that everyone’s needs can be met, even when it seems hopeless

Prerequisite: None, however we believe you would benefit from attending our free Introduction to NVC.


Repeats every week, on Thursday until Thu, Dec 13, 2018. Except on Thu, Nov 22, 2018.
Thu, Oct 18, 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
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Training by: 
Xander MacSwan's picture

Xander serves as Regional Coordinator for the Oregon Prison Project, and as a Member for Rose City NVC, as well as teaching for both organizations. Xander discovered NVC while studying samkhyan philosophy and pursuing a career in activism, and fell in love! Xander has been teaching full time for the last year, his students love his emphasis on mindfulness, personal empowerment, and living the values of NVC.

$195 - $295 sliding scale
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