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Foundations of NVC with Rose City NVC


Do you want a solid foundation on which to build cooperative and peaceful relationships?

Our Foundations Class not only provides you with clarity and understanding of the basic skills of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), but also immerses you in experiences and practices designed to make your new skills immediately usable.

During our 8 weeks together you’ll learn:

  • The basic skills of NVC
  • How to identify the stories you’re telling yourself that are contributing to your pain, and how to create new stories that will support your capacity to thrive in relationship
  • A powerful personal vocabulary that will increase the chances you’ll be heard in the way you hope and intend
  • How to hear others with compassion even when it’s hardest to do
  • Skills that will increase your trust that everyone’s needs can be met, even when it seems hopeless
Repeats every week, on Thursday 8 times.
Thu, Sep 14, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:45pm
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City NVC
Training Center
CNVC Certified Trainer

We are a NVC teaching space located in inner SE Portland! Our primary Trainers are Xander MacSwan, and CNVC Certified Sandra Amiry. Our mission is to increase access to peace and connection within our community by supporting our clients in resolving both inner and outer conflicts. We strive to make our courses accessible through sliding scale pricing and limited scholorships. We are honored to support the NVC movement in the world, and hope to continually find new ways to uplift our community.

$195 - $295 Sliding scale
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