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Connecting Across Extreme Differences (4 Sessions)

Zoom Video Conference

Would you like a chance to practice your NVC skills while engaging in polarizing conversations? Can you see the human "on the fly" in the heat of an exchange?

In this class, we will explore how NVC can help us connect with persons we believe are fundamentally different from us because of the groups they support, the ideas they espouse, and the things they say or do. At the end of the class, participants should experience more confidence in their ability to stay calm, speak authentically, listen without prejudice, and connect as human beings when engaging in polarizing conversations. This is a 4 sessions class.

Wed, Feb 10, 2021 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
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Carlos Sathler's picture

Carlos has been an NVC practitioner for the past ten years and has led teams at volunteer-based and for-profit organizations for the past twenty years. He is currently a candidate for certification as a trainer by The Center for Nonviolent Communication. Carlos is deeply committed to NVC and enjoys regularly contributing to Oregon’s NVC community as an ORNCC board member.

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