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Awakened Relationships: Dating and Romance


"This was life-changing. Just incredible." --Tom Esch, Esch Consulting

"I have a lot more skills and more power now, I feel hopeful and inspired … my next relationship can be amazing!" -- Meghan R.

"This was spectacular!" -- Tim B., NVC Trainer

"Wow! There's a way that works!” -- J.P.

This course provides singles, couples, and those considering uncoupling with an extraordinarily compassionate, safe, honest opportunity to discover what it takes to create, sustain, and restore genuinely satisfying romantic connection, including:

  • The Alchemical Relationship Road Map that finally makes sense of the stuff that goes on in dating and romantic relationships
  • The deeply empowering Interpersonal Neurobiology and Attachment Theory behind the intense attraction, desperation, bliss, confusion, fulfillment, and anguish that romantic connection can stir up in us
  • The 7 Essential "Relationship Readiness Skills" that are absolutely required, to make romantic relationships work (your Relationship needs these like your body needs air and water)
  • The Powerful #1 Antidote for Loneliness (that you can need even when you’re coupled)

as well as:

  • What stops you from being your true self and asking for what you want (or from saying "no" to what you don't want), and how you can reclaim that power and freedom
  • How you're unwittingly trapping your date or partner into being exactly what you don't want, and how you can stop this unconscious self-sabotage
  • How to know when it's time to let a connection go, and
  • 3 things you can do to make any relationship outcome (even uncoupling) a life-affirming experience

Come learn from powerfully authentic, real-life stories of pain, discovery, transformation, restored connection, and joy that will leave you inspired, excited, and clear about how to fulfill on what’s possible for you in your current or future romantic relationship.

You can have the safety, acceptance, belonging, and joy that truly is your Relationship birthright.

(NO NVC experience is required to participate in this life-changing course.)

7 class sessions over 9 weeks.

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Repeats every week, on Monday until Mon, Apr 17, 2017.
Mon, Feb 20, 2017 - 6:30pm to 9:15pm
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Vika Miller's picture

(CNVC Certification Candidate)

I first encountered Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) around the year 2000.

Learning that feelings were pointing to needs met/unmet was like a lightning bolt for me; it was the missing piece that finally made everything make sense. Seeing myself, Life, and others through the lens of NVC, I was finally able to develop a compassionate, friendly relationship with my shame, and come to feel at home with my own humanity.

In recent years I've been thrilled again by the latest findings from Interpersonal Neurobiology and Attachment Theory. When these are integrated with NVC, we finally understand:

* why we can't "do NVC" when we're upset
* what "stress" really is, and why it's so dangerous for our health and relationships
* why compassionate, authentic, resonant community is essential for our well-being
* what really, truly dissolves our automatic reactions and restores authentic choice
* reliable pathways to enjoying more calm, peace, and genuinely happiness

Thriving Life principles, distinctions, tools, and practices create the sense of belonging, being fully and authentically gotten and welcomed (from what is most magnificent to us, to our warts and farts and ugly parts, and everything in between), attunement, security-beyond-circumstances, and *thriving* that I believe is our birthright.

I hope you'll come share the journey and the joy of real belonging with our Thriving Life NVC community.

Blessings on us all,

Vika Miller

$35 to try out the first session; total tuition $245 and up, depending on the course package selected. (No-risk registration: your tuition refunded if your life isn't more wonderful at the end of the course.)
Inner SE Portland. (Location details provided with your registration.)

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