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Awaken the Visionary Within (In Person Retreat)


Come join us for this luminous, nourishing, safely physically distanced, in-person weekend retreat.

Awakening the Visionary Within is for women who are ready to claim inner sovereignty. This retreat is designed to open one’s greater wisdom and ability to see one’s path with clarity and intuition.

We come together as women in an inclusive, safe community to awaken our inner lens and intuitive senses.

Co–facilitated by a dynamic, global, intergenerational group of women, you will have the opportunity to experience the retreat in breakout sessions, or at your own pace.

Awakening the Visionary Within retreat calls on you to explore your creative power to actualize your own vision, express your heart, empty your mind, awaken your soul, and embody your spirit.

Now more than ever, we need to return to ourselves for guidance and to awaken our inner vision, to reactivate long-buried instincts and our heartfelt intuition.

Within each of us, there is a powerful, clear visionary, a guide, an oracle, a “see-er”. As one becomes the sovereign visionary of their life, this brings power to intentionally foster a shift in our greater, collective consciousness.

Through the technology of yogic & heart opening practices, creative exercises, inner transformational work, authentic/empathic movement, breath, spaciousness and self care designed to deeply meet our authentic needs, we activate our inner vision to ripple positively out the greater vision of an awakened, collective consciousness.

Multi-Generational Facilitators: Jennifer Alyse, Signa Cheney, Raina Corah, Vika Miller


7:30-8:30am Saturday & Sunday - Morning Practice

2:00-4:00pm Sunday - Enjoy the grounds and self-care time

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Fri, Oct 2, 2020 - 4:00pm to 6:30pm
Sat, Oct 3, 2020 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sun, Oct 4, 2020 - 11:00am to 2:00pm
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Vika Miller's picture

I first encountered Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in the late 1990s.

Learning that feelings were pointing to needs met/unmet was like a lightning bolt for me; it was the missing piece that finally made everything make sense. I'd always believed that Thriving was our birthright. NVC showed me that our feelings guide us to the Life-Needs that are our pathways to thriving.

NVC also helped me understand that my anger was just letting me know I had long-unmet needs aching to be met. There wasn't anything wrong with me, and I didn't have to feel ashamed of my feelings. I just needed to learn how to answer the Call to Thriving.

But it got even better. In 2013, I learned essential elements of Relational Neuroscience and Attachment Theory that, when integrated with NVC and my Thriving Life principles, finally explained some of the stuff I'd been struggling to understand for decades, like:

* why we can't "do NVC" when we're upset
* what "stress" really is, and why it's so dangerous for both our physical health and our relationships
* why compassionate, authentic, resonant community is essential for our well-being, and is central to our capacity for growth and genuine fulfillment
* what really, truly dissolves our automatic reactions and restores authentic presence and choice
* why it's so dangerous to have compassion for others without also developing healthy boundaries and care for ourselves
* down-to-earth ways we can expand our capacity for presence and authentic choice, regardless of circumstances
* how to connect with our deepest authenticity and natural power and genius, and become free to make the difference that only we can make in the world

This work has helped me come home to being human, and given me the unspeakably precious gift of being able to share "this being human" with you and others in a way that fulfills all my dearest dreams for authentic, attuned connection.

I live and practice everything I teach. My deepest passions are profound authenticity, compassion, and responsive accountability, offering a deeply safe, gentle living model of how we -- as both flawed and transcendent human beings -- can co-create a deeply nourishing world and relationships that recognize the practical realities of being human, while truly honoring and supporting everyone's thriving.

There is no pain that we can't turn into food for the heart and medicine for the soul, if we just keep practicing what works, in human connection.

I'm been so blessed to be a part of our Thriving Life community that welcomes everything we are -- from what is most magnificent to us, to our "warts and farts and ugly crazy parts" -- to be fully Seen, Gotten, and Celebrated.

Welcome home to this journey into Thriving!

and blessings on us all,

Vika Miller

$340-$375 (plus lodging, booked directly with The Society Hotel Bingen))
The Society Hotel Bingen
405 E Franklin Street Cabins, Cook, WA

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