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Trainers Intro

Following Marshall Rosenberg's lead, we encourage people who find NVC to be of value, to share with others what they understand of the process. Some of those who offer instruction in NVC have been certified as trainers by the Center for Nonviolent Communication, the organization Marshall created. They have gone through a certification process, have agreed to a trainer agreementĀ and give some of their training income to CNVC. Those who are not certified trainers are expected to abide by CNVC guidelines for sharing nvc.

ORNCC provides this list of CNVC Certified Trainers and Trainer/Facilitators. This is not intended to serve as an endorsement or referral to any of the people listed. We suggest you check with each person individually to verify their background and experience.

Creating an account (from the top right corner link) with a bio, will list you on this Trainers page, as well as enable you to add your Trainings on the Trainings page.

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