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Presence Practice (Mondays)

Video Conference
Vika Miller, MA

This practice group takes place via ONLINE GROUP VIDEO. (Yes, it's surprisingly wonderful!)

NEW to Presence Practice? Come begin your exploration at an Introduction to Presence Practice event.

Connect more deeply with yourself; discover how everyone else is dealing with the same things (you're not alone!); get relief from anxiety and shame; and clear away old confusions, hurts, and stuck places in this profoundly compassionate, empathic learning community.

Perfect for anyone longing for:

  • authentic connection with self, Life, and others
  • resonant empathy
  • earned secure attachment
  • less reactivity (fight, flight/appease, or freeze/confusion/numb)
  • mindfulness (awareness), presence, self-management, and CHOICE (capacity to live your values)
  • "turning towards" difficult emotions and releasing old, stuck pain and patterns from the past
  • genuinely meeting needs (your own and others') in a way that supports everyone's thriving
  • connecting to the center of your own deepest wisdom
  • remaining at peace in the midst of even the most challenging circumstances(whether internal or external)

We use a variety of practices (guided by participants' requests) including resonant empathy (including but not limited to guessing feelings and/or needs), reflection, role-playing, the Inner Path, Integrating Inner Parts, and Compassionate Noticing, among others.

We are a deeply authentic, transparent learning community meeting since 2009, where you can Be, and bring everything you are and receive compassionate support for regaining your authentic power and choice.

Come join us. (And, welcome home.)

--Vika, Lori, and Becky

P.S. Please begin your exploration of Presence Practice by participating in an Introduction to Presence Practice event.

Monday 1:00pm to 3:15pm
Requested Fee: 
$15-$35 per session, to cover our expenses & to appreciate the time & energy we put into creating, developing, & offering this experience for you. Please message us ahead of time if the cost is prohibitive. We want everyone to be able to participate!
Visit our Presence Practice website for prerequisites, which include participating in an Intro to Presence Practice event.
Group Maximum: 
6 Members

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