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COVIDEO Support Circle with QUARANTINA!

Tina Taylor, RN, MS of Empathy Everywhere

The Coronavirus pandemic is intense. Would you like to talk your truth to someone? To listen to another's? To share your experience? To be heard, to be seen, to connect and be connected to? This group will be informed by NVC, at whatever level of understanding you bring, and will basically be an empathy circle, sharing our time and checking in on our hearts, bodies, minds, and souls. If it gets too big, I'll start another one, and keep the circle size comfy. Familiarity with NVC is required, as minimal coaching will be offered. Donations are received via PayPal.

Friday 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Requested Fee: 
Free, and donations appreciated (current range is $10-30 per meeting attended)
Familiarity with NVC.

s h a r e