ORNCC Support Request Policy

Policy regarding requests from others for support from ORNCC

Adopted at Board meeting of November 11, 2012; revised August 11, 2013.

ORNCC is committed to the support of peace, interpersonal growth and development, conflict resolution and promotion of a harmonious, healthy world. When the mission, values and practices of individuals and other organizations are congruent with those of ORNCC, and especially when they include promoting NVC, ORNCC will consider providing monetary and/or other support. Applicants must apply in writing through the website.

Factors the ORNCC Board will consider will include:

  • the specific aim of the project and/or organization seeking funding and the likelihood of its effectiveness;
  • the ability and willingness of the applicant organization to promote and operate in harmony with the principles of NVC;
  • the likelihood that the applicant will contribute to bringing NVC to an underserved population.

To apply, include the information below in an email to the ORNCC president. The Board will review your proposal and respond following its next meeting.

Application for Requesting Support from ORNCC

Name of organization (if any):
Phone number(s):
Email address:
Mailing address:
Are you willing to be contacted by phone by a member of the board to discuss your proposal?

  1. Briefly describe your experience with NVC, if any.
  2. Describe the aim and scope of your project, indicating what you plan to do, over what period of time, and who you hope the project will serve.
  3. What resources do you expect will be required for your project's success? (If funds are required, indicate how much you request and how you plan to spend the money.)
  4. Indicate what support you already have, or can count on, besides whatever ORNCC's support might provide.
  5. How will you measure the success of your project?
  6. How will you report to ORNCC on project activity and developments?
  7. Who do you expect will be the key people involved in the project and who will coordinate it?


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Interested in serving on the ORNCC Board of Directors? We now accept applications on an ongoing basis.

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