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Seventh Annual NVC Fest, Overflowing with Connection, Community, Learning & Fun

November 20-22 online. 33 sessions.

Connect Across Continents

Engage • Connect • Play • Celebrate

Live and Play online with your NVC community at the 7th Annual NVCfest.

Join us for an entire weekend devoted to connection, FUN, and deepening your NVC practice.

  • Engage & immerse yourself in NVC consciousness
  • Connect & make friends worldwide
  • Play with NVC to reveal new layers of understanding
  • Celebrate, harvest & grow in community

This is your chance to engage, play, and learn with an international treasure trove of certified trainers sharing their favorite topics - many of which will be featured as full-length courses in 2021!

In 3 exciting and magical days, you can expect:

  1. An introduction to NVC the 1st day in multiple languages!
  2. 33 sessions featuring a juicy sampling of certified trainers' work from around the world
  3. Several sessions offered in languages other than English
  4. Connect in the Community Room any time for empathy, questions, fun, and maybe singing and dancing (anything is possible)
  5. Downloadable recordings of EVERY session - never miss a thing!

Experience the pure and simple JOY of living and breathing NVC

Along with just having fun together with friends, NVCfest gives you the chance to support NVC enthusiasts who cannot afford to take courses. - while also supporting the sustainability of our trainers to share NVC. The more you contribute the more we can add to our Community Registration Support Fund for scholarships. Help spread the love! (and NVC!)

Join us in celebrating life-serving learning and shared NVC consciousness!

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