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Eugene NVC Community Gathering and Birthday Celebration

Are you concerned about the level of civility in public discourse, how we treat immigrants to our country, or how our criminal justice system treats the poor and the people of color in America?

Would you like to see people treated with more empathy and kindness, and learn powerful empathic listening skills?

If so, then come to this gathering of the Eugene-Springfield NVC community. Those new to NVC are welcome. Activities at this gathering will include:

  • Connecting with others in our community who value kindness and seek to live in harmony
  • Giving and receiving empathy
  • Exploring how NVC can contribute to social transformation that enables more people to reliably meet their needs
  • Learning about opportunities to deepen our understanding of NVC
  • Participating in "Open Space" workshops and discussions (where the participants create their own agenda)
  • Sharing a potluck lunch and cake to celebrate the birthday of Marshall B. Rosenberg, the creator of NVC who worked with gangs, prisoners, warring African tribes, Israelis and Palestinians, school children, couples and families demonstrating the healing power of empathy and kindness.

Please bring food and/or beverages to share and your own dishes, cups and utensils. The organizing team will provide cake, coffee, and tea.

There is no required fee for this event. Donations to cover the rental expense and in support of the Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication will be gratefully received.

For further information about this gathering, and to indicate you are coming, please contact Steve Goldman: 541-686-3056.

Sat, Oct 6, 2018 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
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donations accepted
The Center for Spiritual Living 390 Vernal St. (off Coburg Rd. near Oakway Center)
Hosted By: 
Sally Marie, Gary Baran, Dick Loescher and Steve Goldman

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