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Let’s Celebrate Marshall Rosenberg’s October 6th Birthday!

Marshall’s birthday was October 6 and we would love to honor him and his valuable work by celebrating the day in communities throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Consider joining or creating an event to acknowledge the gift of Nonviolent Communication that Marshall created and to honor his many years spent teaching and sharing this consciousness of peace.

Here are some examples of possible celebrations:

  • A gratitude circle in which people express the life-changing gift of NVC
  • Sing and dance as Marshall encouraged in his music and words
  • A free sharing of NVC skills in a community forum
  • Empathy offerings
  • Or ???? What ideas do you have that may inspire others???

If you would like to organize or participate in such a gathering in your region, please comment with your plans and/or requests you might have for support or collaboration.

We’ll do our best to get the word out about celebrations and invite people to participate.

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