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Let In the Wonderful!

Ah, fall. It’s my favorite time of year… the cooler, crisper mornings; the spectacular red and yellow shimmer of leaves, the slant of the sun that turns things golden and soft. I am suffused with a joy that seems to reach every cell of my body. One of the great gifts of NVC for me is this being present for and letting in the wonderful that surrounds me.

I think of myself as having a physical and emotional “capacity” tank. Stress, worry, challenging experiences, disconnection and confusion can reduce the level of my capacity tank. Acknowledging needs met and practicing those things that meet my needs replenish my tank. When I notice my capacity is low, I might need rest or I might need a fill-up from the wonderful. When my tank is full, I am more able to show up in my life in integrity with my values and needs.

Wonderful abounds in the beauty of where I live… kind words… smiles… the driver who lets me into the line of traffic… my dog’s face… appreciations… being safe… my community… people helping others… a bountiful world of wonderful when I look for it!

What are the things in your life that meet your needs? How do you feel (let it sink in) when you acknowledge these things? Throughout your day practice slowing down and making space for the wonderful to seep in, to feed you, to sustain and support you. Let in the wonderful and replenish yourself.

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