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INTRO to Compassionate Noticing (Mindfulness + NVC Observation Practice)


"It's so, so powerful for me to do this. I'm usually on such alert mode, and with this I relax in a way that's almost impossible for me to do on my own. I have such a feeling of wellness afterwards, like a glow. This feels amazing, it works! Thank you SO much, this is so healing for me." -- Christina C., Portland, OR

If you're excited about what NVC offers, but are have trouble making NVC observations ...

if you'd like support for connecting directly with your experience and letting go of automatic meaning-making and interpretations ...

if you're not really sure yet what feelings you're having ...

if you'd like to expand your capacity for self-empathy (an essential part of all healing and growth) ...

if you'd love to have some freedom from automatically reaching out to help others with whatever they're dealing with ...

Compassionate Noticing can help.

In order to make an "NVC Observation" or to give ourselves empathy, we need to be able to compassionately notice what's happening, without adding any interpretation, story, opinion, or other thoughts.

And in order to truly "do NVC" at all, we need to be able to feel our body sensations and name our feelings ... because these provide the foundation for the resonant empathy that creates understanding, open heartedness, and attuned connection.

All of this becomes possible when we can notice our immediate experience -- body sensations, emotions, thoughts, impulses -- and simply witness it with compassion.

Compassionate Noticing is extraordinarily effective in helping us develop our "inner and outer" observation muscles.

Please visit for complete details (including a sample recording) about Compassionate Noticing, and to register for this introductory event.

Thu, Apr 6, 2017 -
10:15am to 12:30pm
Thu, May 4, 2017 -
10:15am to 12:30pm
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Vika Miller's picture

(CNVC Certification Candidate)

I first encountered Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) around the year 2000.

Learning that feelings were pointing to needs met/unmet was like a lightning bolt for me; it was the missing piece that finally made everything make sense. Seeing myself, Life, and others through the lens of NVC, I was finally able to develop a compassionate, friendly relationship with my shame, and come to feel at home with my own humanity.

In recent years I've been thrilled again by the latest findings from Interpersonal Neurobiology and Attachment Theory. When these are integrated with NVC, we finally understand:

* why we can't "do NVC" when we're upset
* what "stress" really is, and why it's so dangerous for our health and relationships
* why compassionate, authentic, resonant community is essential for our well-being
* what really, truly dissolves our automatic reactions and restores authentic choice
* reliable pathways to enjoying more calm, peace, and genuinely happiness

Thriving Life principles, distinctions, tools, and practices create the sense of belonging, being fully and authentically gotten and welcomed (from what is most magnificent to us, to our warts and farts and ugly parts, and everything in between), attunement, security-beyond-circumstances, and *thriving* that I believe is our birthright.

I hope you'll come share the journey and the joy of real belonging with our Thriving Life NVC community.

Blessings on us all,

Vika Miller

$25 (No-risk registration: your tuition refunded if your life isn't more wonderful at the end of the event.)

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